Does your heating and air system look old like it was installed the decade your grandparents were born? Well, that aging apparatus could score you three years of free maintenance.

When you look at it do you hear the subtle whisper of phrases like, “Back in my day…” and “Uphill both ways!”?

September is Grandparent’s month.

And we’re looking for the granddaddy of heating and air systems in our area. If you have an ancient system or one that just LOOKS really old, send us a snapshot of your system on our Facebook page!

We’re collecting pictures of senior looking systems until September 15th! Our crew will then take a vote and crown the oldest looking in the land!

If your system wins, you’ll be awarded THREE years free maintenance from Chapman. Second place gets two years. Even third place enjoys one year of maintenance on us.

No purchase necessary to win! Contact us today with any questions!