“People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing.” – Dale Carnegie

At Chapman we have fun in a lot of different ways. Potlucks, surprise prizes for unexpected good deeds, birthday celebrations and even our monthly breakfast meetings have some fun! It is easy to love coming to work when the work is fun! The importance of fun is definitely felt at Chapman by all team members. We like to laugh, have group workout competitions, and even get in on the latest app trends (cough*Bitmoji*cough). We talk a lot about the family atmosphere that has been created at Chapman, and I think these personal touches definitely add to that.

“If you’re not having fun it’s not worth doing.” – Tommy Bolin

This quote is especially important at Chapman because the world of heating and air conditioning is rarely glamorous. We understand that people do not always want to replace or repair the equipment that keeps them comfortable. This is why we like to bring a little fun into the mix. Doing holiday messages on the radio, giving out gifts for special times of the year, and always being available when you need us are just a few ways we spread the fun we have in the office to you!