The Chapman Family Guarantee

It’s when we say, or you don’t pay!

If we’re not there for your repair when we say we’ll be, whatever service or scheduled maintenance you were expecting is free!

Yep. Free. No charge.

If we’ve learned nothing else in our nearly 60 years in business, we’ve learned time is money.

Now, if it’s your time. It’s our money.


A few common questions answered:

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What does this guarantee cover?
The guarantee covers the cost of that day’s scheduled service or repair. For example: If your air conditioner is not cooling and Chapman arrives after the quoted time, we will cover whatever it takes to get the unit cooling within our means, on that day. Any part we keep in stock and would have normally been installed same day falls under this guarantee too. If there is a part we have to order and would have required a second visit to install, that part is not covered under the Chapman Family Guarantee.

If it is a maintenance visit then they will receive a free additional visit, courtesy of Chapman.

It does not cover any parts or equipment that the customer chooses to add (such as a humidifier, specialty filters, new coil, etc.).

What if a customer wants a specific technician?
If a customer requires a specific technician, then we will most likely quote a larger time frame. It still remains “when we say or you don’t pay” with whatever time frame we tell the you at the time of scheduling.
What type of appointment does this cover?
This guarantee covers any service and maintenance appointments.
Does weather interfere with the guarantee?
Yes, severe weather does interfere with the guarantee. Severe weather to us means lightening or ice/snow impeding the roads, making it unsafe for us.
Does this guarantee include emergency service?
No, we do not quote specific times on emergency service and this will not cover any emergency service time.

At Chapman, we don’t just stop there…

For your peace of mind (and peace of wallet), you can always rely on:

  • Certified, trained technicians
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • 1-year parts and labor warranty on all repairs
  • Upfront pricing for residential and commercial properties

For more information about each of these guarantees, check out this blog post!