An Air Conditioner, Furnace, or Hybrid System is Closer Than You Think

“Your cooperation with and handling of the Columbia Home Performace Program was terrific and made replacing my furnace and air conditioner hassle-free!”
– E. Bulliner, 2015

Every year for over a decade, the city of Columbia has presented our family with an award for giving our customers the highest percentage of savings in their Home Performance with the Energy Star program.

It’s the best program we’ve seen in our three generations and not just because we’re able to save our customers an average of 30.45%. (We saved one family more than 60%!)

It’s also the best program because of the ease of financing through the city and the additional rebates and incentives to improve your whole house’s energy efficiency.

Oh, and there’s a Federal Tax Credit too.

In short, it’s an amazing time to be you … if your house suffers from hot spots or cold drafty spaces.

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What is Home Performance with Energy Star?

Do you feel like your energy bills are too high? Think there’s no way you could afford a new furnace, air conditioner, or hybrid energy system?

Think again. We’ve produced this short video to explain a shockingly good program we’re delivering in conjunction with Columbia Water and Light and to some degree, Boone County.

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LOTS and lots of options are yours for the taking right now at Chapman Heating & Air. Because utility companies and the federal government both want your old energy-sucking dinosaur off the grid, they’re willing to help pay for and finance your new energy-efficient, eco-friendly comfort system.

Yes, these can get confusing, but luckily, we’ve studied them all and are well-versed in how to maximize your savings and help you do all the necessary paperwork.

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Customers of City of Columbia Water & Light

  • A/C or Heatpump rebate ranging from $100-$1200
  • Heatpump $.06 kw/hr discounted rate
  • 1-5% for 10 years low interest loan with Home Performance with Energy Star (HPwES)

If you’d like to learn more about the City of Columbia’s involvement with the Home Performance with the Energy Star program, we encourage you to visit the city’s tremendously helpful website.

Federal Tax Credit

30% Geothermal with no limit or cap

For additional information and to get an exact rebate and cost comparison, please have one of our expert comfort advisors evaluate your home. They have evaluated hundreds of homes to create the most money available to stay in your pocket.

Customers of Boone Electric

  • Duel Fuel- instant $300Boone Electric Logo
  • Discounted rate- $.053 per kw/hr
  • Duel Fuel rebates range $600-$1,000
  • HPwES rebate $20-$500+
  • Ground Source up to $750/ton

The Energy Star Program

Improve your home’s efficiency and save!

Is your house drafty?

Do you have rooms that are too hot or too cold?

Are your utility bills too high?

Before you start expensive upgrades, consider a systematic approach with Home Performance.

Home Performance with Energy Star is a national program for existing homes designed to help homeowners bring their homes up to Energy Star standards for comfort, safety, health, durability and energy efficiency. This is a national program sponsored by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Missouri Department of Natural Resources that is offered to you by Columbia Water & Light.

Several aspects of your home are covered, including the heating, ventilating and air conditioning system, ductwork, insulation, windows and infiltration. These systems are evaluated separately and collectively to show the potential for improved energy efficiency.

Who can participate?

This program is available to Columbia Water & Light residential electric customers who are remodeling their homes to be more energy efficient. Home Performance program parameters must be followed to qualify for rebates and a Home Performance Loan. Please see the Home Performance Loan program parameters for all the items necessary to qualify.

How do I know if my home would benefit from this program?

To see if this program could help you, complete the Home Energy Yardstick assessment, which is listed under the Home Improvement section at www.energystar.gov. If you have a score of 5 or less, your home could benefit from the Home Performance program.

What is the contractor’s role?

Participating local contractors are certified by the Building Performance Institute to evaluate your home using state-of-the-art equipment. Our Home Performance Contractors are trained in a “whole-house” approach of inspecting and testing that allows them to identify and evaluate energy-efficient improvements using recognized building science concepts. These contractors will also help you take advantage of federal tax credits and Columbia Water & Light rebates and low-interest loans for energy efficiency improvements.

Goals of the program

Rather than focusing on a single component, such as single-paned windows, an old air conditioning system, or leaky ductwork, a participating contractor will assess how improvements to all of these components can work together to provide:

  • Fewer drafts
  • Consistent temperatures across rooms
  • Better ventilation and humidity control
  • Lower utility bills


Columbia Water & Light is offering qualified electric customers rebates up to $1,200 for home improvements and up to $1,200 for high-efficiency air conditioners. Rebates will be finalized after the Quality Assurance Assessment.

The Home Performance Loan program will help electric customers finance efficiency upgrades that are suggested during a Home Performance evaluation. Financing is available at the prime lending rate with a ten-year payback period. There is a $15,000 cap for the Home Performance with Energy Star loan program. You must submit a loan application along with copies of all the bids. The application process will take about two weeks and needs to be approved before any work is started on your home.

Common recommendations

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Sealing Air Leaks and Adding Insulation
Many air leaks in homes are fairly obvious, such as around windows, doors and electrical outlets. But others, like those in attics, around chimneys and through recessed lighting fixtures, are often the more significant sources of energy loss in a home. Sealing air leaks is critical to improving the overall efficiency of your home and will make your heating and cooling system perform better. Along with air sealing, your contractor may recommend that you add insulation. Many older homes are not well-insulated, and some have no insulation at all. Properly installed insulation in walls, floors and attics provides for more even temperatures throughout the house and results in a quieter, more comfortable living environment that is easier to heat and cool.
Sealing Ductwork
Many homes have leaky ductwork and poor air flow, resulting in stuffy and uncomfortable rooms – regardless of the thermostat setting. The home performance contractor may recommend sealing your home’s ducts with mastic, metal tape or spray-on sealant, and balancing the duct system to optimize air flow to all rooms. Insulating ductwork in attics, crawlspaces and some basements can also help to ensure that your home will be more comfortable.
Improving Heating and Cooling Systems
If your furnace or air conditioner is more than 10 years old, your contractor may recommend that you replace it with a unit that has earned the ENERGY STAR label. Installed correctly, these high-efficiency units can save up to 20 percent on heating and cooling costs. But when it comes to heating and cooling equipment, bigger is not always better. A properly-sized unit will make your home more comfortable by providing more consistent temperatures and better humidity control.

The contractor should also test combustion equipment, such as your furnace and hot water heater, to ensure that it is operating and venting properly.

Upgrading Lighting and Appliances
Energy used for lighting and appliances can account for half of your home’s total utility bill. As a result, the home performance contractor may recommend ENERGY STAR qualified products, such as refrigerators, dishwashers, electronic equipment, light fixtures and compact fluorescent bulbs. An energy- and water-efficient hot water heating system may also be recommended.

Once you have taken steps to increase your home’s efficiency, you may also want to consider adding renewable energy systems, such as solar electric (photovoltaic) or solar hot water, to further reduce your utility bills.

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General information on this page is from the Energy Star web site. Sponsors of the program are the Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Energy, the Missouri Department of Natural Resources and Columbia Water & Light.