Air Conditioning Maintenance – Automatic Peak Efficiency

At Chapman Heating and Air, we emphasize the importance of maintaining your air conditioning system. Many times we’re asked what all takes place during an annual cooling check. To answer that, an experienced and trained technician brings the HVAC Day-Spa to your unit for a little TLC! We clean and inspect the entire system- wiring, drain lines and pans, and even check the filter. Each air conditioner visit includes inspection and cleaning of the indoor and outdoor units. It’s our most popular service for a reason: it is THE best comfort care money can buy from Chapman Heating and Cooling.

We think maintenance is important, so we offer a maintenance plan to save you time, money and keep you on a regular schedule for the heating and air conditioning systems.

Every Comfort Club Membership Includes:

  • Two prepaid maintenance visits (1 cooling, 1 heating)
  • Preferred customer status
  • 24-hour priority service
  • No emergency charges
  • 15% discount on repair parts & labor
  • 10% discount on equipment
  • 1-year warranty on repair parts
  • Transferable with sale of home

All the privileges of comfort for just $15 a month! Schedule your first maintenance appointment before March 31 and receive your first 2 months free. Savings on top of savings is the best!