When Chapman started in 1958, air conditioning was still in it’s infancy. With every new Chapman generation, our industry has seen easy innovations in energy efficiency.

Just 20 years ago, a typical into was using around 6000 watts of energy to keep your home comfortable. Today that number is 1700 watts!

For a limited time, take advantage of up to $1300 in savings on a new, highly-efficient Lennox system, professionally installed by Chapman Heating and Air. Call today for your free in home analysis!

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Rebates, Discounts and Stimuluseseses, oh my!*

While we’ve got you here, were you aware of the ginormous buffet of rebates and discounts available to you if you’re a resident in central Missouri? Whooo-boy. You better check it out!

* Yes, we know that “stimuli” is the plural form of stimulus, but we wrote it the way we wrote it for a couple reasons. But, yes, good catch.

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Not really A SPECIAL, but we think it’s pretty special…

The Chapman Family Guarantee ensures that your technician will arrive in the scheduled time we quote. If we are late, even by a few minutes, the scheduled service is free that day! You read that right, FREE! We aren’t in the business of discomfort, so we want to make sure that your day isn’t wasted waiting for us.

And we don’t stop there! Find out more about all of our guarantees here!