How do you take the edge off of winter’s chill in your home? I know that on those colder days I am always tempted to turn up the temperature on my heating system, take a longer shower, and warm up the car up before we get in. These are all simple things we that a lot of people do during this time of year.

Unfortunately, most of these things produce a colorless, odorless gas called carbon monoxide and it is important to remember that we also need to prepare our homes for the potential side effects of those things.

Carbon monoxide can be emitted in our homes from many heat-producing household appliances. This includes gas furnaces, fireplaces, and water heaters. High levels of carbon monoxide can have serious health side effects, and in this heating season, we want to prepare to keep an eye on those!

Chapman offers low-level carbon monoxide monitors that are not simply the alarms that will go off at high levels of gas in your home. These monitors let you know exactly how much of this gas is in the air at any given time. Carbon monoxide monitors are just as important to your home as smoke detectors. We can install a carbon monoxide monitor for you while we are out for any service appointment, or we can schedule a specific time to come out and make sure your system is running at peak safety!

Call and schedule your appointment today so that you can know exactly how much of this potential harmful gas you might be living with.

If you suspect carbon monoxide poisoning, the best thing to do is open some windows and doors, leave your home immediately, and call the fire department to come and check things out.