As the kids go back to school, we are reminded that Summer is quickly coming to an end.

Since it’s not quite the official end (that’s not until September 23rd!) now is a good time to get the ball rolling on last minute AC maintenance before we turn our focus to that furnace! You may be wondering “But can’t I just wait until next year now?”

It’s important to remember that as long as maintenance is being done annually, it doesn’t matter what time during the season you have it done. What really matters is that it’s done! Here at Chapman our AC maintenance season runs from mid-March to mid-September. Anytime during that season, we recommend having your AC looked at. Not only is it a good way to give your cooling system a little TLC and thank it for keeping you cool all summer, but it is a great way to catch any issues that may cause problems next year when the weather starts to heat up again. Having the maintenance performed later in the year will allow you more time for planning or saving for repairs or replacement.

Since the end of summer is not our peak season, this means we have more flexibility in our scheduling! If you call us in the middle of June, we are usually booking maintenance appointments 6 weeks out already. Unfortunately making appointments this far in advance sometimes it’s easy to forget while making your other end of summer plans. Which is one reason we always make a reminder call the day before!

Now is the perfect time to schedule your end of summer maintenance with Chapman Heating and Air, so contact us today and let our knowledgeable technicians take care of your cooling system!