The past month we have been working on a new series called “Tech Tip Tuesday” every Tuesday we post a video of a technician answering the most common questions they and the office staff hear every day. In addition to the videos we thought it would be fun and helpful to write a recap of all the tips from the month.

    1. How do I turn my AC off at the thermostat?– This is a very common question for us, we always ask the AC be turned off before we arrive in case the unit is freezing up! Turning it off is simple; just turn the switch from cool to off, you also have the option of turning the fan from auto to on to help circulate air until we can arrive.
    2. When should I change my filter? – While the frequency of when you should change the filter depends on a couple of different factors, a good rule of thumb to follow is 3 months for a 1” filter – remember: A dirty filter affects the performance of your unit!
    3. I have gas leaking from my furnace! What should I do? – The first thing you need to do if a gas leak occurs is to make sure the supply line is shut off. This can be easily done by locating the line near your furnace and turning the knob so it crosses the supply line indicating it is off.
    4. It’s too late in the season to get my AC cleaned  – Just because it’s nearing the end of summer doesn’t mean your AC shouldn’t be serviced. Our AC maintenance season is typically from mid-March to mid-September. It doesn’t matter when you have the maintenance performed in this time frame, what matters is that it’s done.

    We hope these tips help answer any questions you may have, be sure to check out our Instagram and Facebook every Tuesday for more tips and advice from the knowledgeable technicians at Chapman Heating and Air!