Last Thursday morning we had our annual Business Breakfast Meeting, which is an important and necessary part of the Chapman tradition of transparency. We spend a few hours focusing on the plan for this coming year; discussing goals, laying out foreseen changes, and going over how the previous year went. We always like to make this a special occasion, and this year was definitely a celebration!

Part of our annual business breakfast meeting is to go over our company mission statement and core values. This is a good time to remind everyone why we do what we do, and make sure everyone is on-board with our company culture. This year we decided to take one of those core values on step further, and that was our value of FUN! We are focused on having fun to promote our family atmosphere and also as a reward for all the hard work we do.

In previous years we have done Nerf Battles at Tiger Gymnastics, but this year the owners of Chapman surprised everyone by taking us all to COMO Axe Attack. This was a great time for everyone! We were divided into teams when we got there and we go to experience another great local business for a few hours.

The best part of having these company outtings is seeing a different side of your coworkers. There is a fun competitive edge to nearly everyone here, and we have integrated so well that we can laugh with one another. A lot of Chaps were quite good at axe throwing! We had many people hit the bullseye, and even a few people hit the “money shot”! Check out these pictures of our fun:

Sarah is CLEARLY a natural!


Tony Hall celebrating his money shot!


Classic Tony Rigdon, who is good at everything!


Shayne hit multiple bullseyes this day!


This was Josh’s first company outting, so he made sure we knew his skill level!


Dylan’s brought the heat with his axe skills!


The whole Chapman crew