This past week the phones have been ringing like crazy here in the Chapman office. With the return of the dreaded Mid-Missouri heat, more and more people are retreating to the refreshing chill of their air-conditioned homes. This means the units are being used more often and sometimes they can stop working! When that happens here are a couple things you can check yourself to try and diagnose the problem:

  1. Check your thermostat batteries. if you have a battery-operated model, check the power level of the batteries. Dead or low batteries can lead to excessive heating or cooling – or worse none at all!
  2. Change that dirty filter. Did you know a dirty filter can prevent your a/c cooling? A filter that hasn’t been changed out in a while can cause a loss of air flow, meaning that sweet cold air won’t be circulating through your house.
  3. Flipped breaker. Sometimes an air conditioner starts over heating causing it to draw more amperage. If this happens, it’s best to call in the experts to see what the underlying issue is!

If you have tried the first two solutions and still aren’t enjoying that beautiful cold air, it just might be time to give the professionals a call. Even with summer starting just a couple weeks ago, our schedule is filling up quickly! Still – no matter how busy our days become, we always strive to provide professional and high-quality service to you in a timely manner.

That’s why we offer emergency service to all of our customers. Emergency service ensures that even if it’s Saturday at 3pm and your air conditioning unit decides to kick the bucket; you can count on a Chapman technician to be out there! Our emergency services are available Monday thru Friday after 5pm, and every weekend Saturday through Sunday. So if you have an emergency and the temperature inside your house is the same as outside, give us a call today!