It’s already the second week of September, and that means leaves and temperatures will both be dropping soon!

For some of us it is already Fall. Especially with the slightly cooler weather (for a couple of days), and many store shelves being lined with Halloween, Thanksgiving and Autumn goodies. All of this has some of us thinking ahead to chilly nights spent by the fire in a warm blanket, cozy pajamas, pumpkin carving, and hayrides. Unfortunately, it is not quite time yet, but while we daydream of the day’s we can wear thick warm flannels again here are some of our favorite fall activities from around the office!

Service coordinators Shana and Heidi both love a good football game and bonfire. You can find Shana at Mizzou games, while Heidi will be watching the Chiefs with her cute pup!










Phil our general manger does plenty of fall hiking and camping with his family.








Business manager Nathan and his family enjoy hunting and jumping on dirt bikes and riding the trails!








One of our customer service representative’s Sarah, says her favorite thing is when the mosquitoes finally disappear, and we couldn’t agree more.


Operations manager Alan enjoys taking his son hunting during the fall deer season, this of course requires a lot of snacks.









Gene is also a customer service representative; he and his family are avid Mizzou fans and his kids love playing sports!









Sam is our marketing admin and loves everything about fall, but enjoys the cooler weather, tacky sweaters, and the holidays the most.


We hope this post has put you in the mood for the upcoming Autumn season which starts on September 23rd, and if you believe the folklore about persimmon seeds – then you know it’s predicted to be a cold one! So make sure to call Chapman Heating and Air to get your furnace ready for the upcoming weather.