Here at the Chapman office we love to celebrate, and usually delicious food is involved! We take any chance we can to throw a party, order up or make some food and all come together for breakfast or lunch.
Last year on May 8th was no different, the office threw a going away party for our technician Corey who was heading for deployment overseas. Now, over a year later he has finally returned from deployment with the Army National Guard. We are so thankful to have him home safely and that he is back on American soil. But most importantly we are grateful for his service to our country.
Corey has been a service technician for Chapman since February 2016, he loves woodworking on the weekends and eating pizza. His favorite part of being a service technician is helping the customer, he has truly gone above and beyond in providing service to our customers and to our country as well.
Now this is definitely a reason to celebrate! There is no better way to celebrate in America – especially in Mid-Missouri, than with some amazing barbeque! So, we placed an order at our favorite local barbeque restaurant, gathered around several tables and came together to celebrate the return of a family member.
The day was filled with much laughter from old friends seeing each other for the first time in over a year, meeting new people, and everyone being able to come together as the family we are here at Chapmans.