Hello my name is Samantha, and I am new here at Chapman Heating and Air Conditioning! I am thrilled to begin my journey here and can’t wait to see where this new adventure takes me.  The other day, to help familiarize myself with the way our company works to serve its customers, I was asked to ride along with one of our technicians, Dan. During the ride along I learned so much valuable knowledge not only heating and cooling systems, but also how everyone goes above and beyond to care for our customers.

Since 1958, Chapman has grown to where it is today, a mind-blowing nearly 35,000 customers within a 35-mile radius spanning from Jefferson City to Moberly, and Pilot Grove to Mexico. The first stop of the day was at the house of a customer Dan has been working with for 10 years. It was wonderful to see the level of trust between the homeowner and technician, a trust that originates from years of providing high quality customer service that goes above and beyond. While there, Dan performed maintenance for the upcoming summer season; he cleaned the coils, checked refrigerant levels, changed the filter, and turned off the humidifier. I had never realized that all of these little things add to the efficiency! After everything was complete, he ensured the thermostat was set to a comfortable temperature for the customer. Every customer we visited he was polite, respectful, and enjoyed striking up small talk with them. Showing he cares not only about their equipment and ensuring its in tip-top shape, but about the customer themselves.

In between houses, Dan and I chatted about the company and everything Chapman does to show how important our customers are. I learned that we provide “On Call” service Friday night through Monday morning. This ensures we are available to our customers in case of an emergency outside of the usual business hours. Reinforcing, what I feel is, an important aspect for any company – going above and beyond in customer service.

During one of our stops, Dan noticed that the homeowners did not have any form of surge protection for their system. After asking if it was something the customer was interested in, and getting the go ahead to install it, he taught me the importance of surge protection for heating and cooling systems. This one tiny box protects from sudden electrical surges (such as ones from lightning strikes). The box took him less than 20-minutes to install, and provides the homeowners with the peace of mind knowing that their house will always be comfortable.

Out of all the things I learned the most important thing is how hard everyone in this company strives to care for our customers by providing exceptional service, trustworthy and friendly employees, and giving back to the local community. I am so excited to continue my journey at Chapman, learning more about HVAC than I ever thought I would need to know!