If you’ve been following our Instagram you might have noticed a new video series called “Tech Tip Tuesday” that we recently started in order to answer all of our customers most common (and even some uncommon!) questions. I recently sat down with our operations manager Alan and asked him to impart some of his wisdom to me. Keep reading for the answers to 4 of our most common questions!

Fan: Auto, On, or Off? – Alan recommends leaving the fan in the “On” position to help balance out the temperature in your home and prevent hot and cold spots. If the fan is set to “Auto” it will only kick on when the unit begins heating or cooling. This is entirely up to you though! Since some fans can be noisier than others, some homeowners may prefer to only have it on when necessary.

My system is brand new, why do I need maintenance? – A common misconception is that new HVAC units don’t need maintenance! However – you’re heating and cooling units need regular maintenance (no matter the age) just like your car needs a regular oil change! Making sure your units are properly maintained will keep the warranty active, help it run smoothly and keep your home comfortable.

Should I keep my humidifier on during the summer? – If you have a humidifier installed on your furnace, we recommend turning it off for the summer! When a Chapman technician comes out to perform spring maintenance on the AC they will turn it off, and clean out the drain. In the Fall we will turn it back on and run it along with the heat to prevent your home from being dry in the colder months.

Can I just add freon to my A/C if it’s not cooling? – Like the tire on your car, your homes AC is a sealed system. This means you should never be losing freon. When one of our service technicians suspect your AC unit may have a leak, they will recommend a leak search. Afterwards freon will be added back to the unit.

Hopefully this post has answered some questions you may have, if you ever have any questions you can always give Chapman Heating and Air a call!