What is the Chapman Family Guarantee? Well, it is the best way we can think of to provide you with the best service!

When you call in to schedule any appointment, service, maintenance, or installation, you’ll be quoted a time frame. We’ve spent 60 years analyzing our efficiency and routines so that time frame is as tight as we can make it. On average, we will quote you a two-hour time frame for your technician’s arrival. We do this to ensure we’re not keeping you waiting all morning or afternoon. If the Chapman technician is even 1-minute later than we say they’ll be, that day’s scheduled service or repair is FREE!

Perfecting the art of comfort is all about accountability for us. We want to make sure that increasing or maintaining your comfort is never an inconvenience (mostly because that’s uncomfortable)! The combined human- and mechanical-natures of our business means we have to quote in a time frame. But you don’t even have to wait around for two hours! We’ll always call when the technician is headed your way so you can meet them there.

Chapman is consistently looking for ways to improve our services for you. Guaranteeing the arrival of our technicians is how we feel the start of every appointment should go. We believe in that value so much, we guarantee it – backing it up with a FREE guarantee. Here, it’s when we say or you don’t pay! Call today find out when your guaranteed arrival time will be for your next Chapman appointment.