What is the cost of your comfort worth? When you are comparing different equipment to keep your home comfortable, the cost is about so much more than the manufacturer or type of equipment you choose.

Efficiency is often why we start looking into replacement options. Although a new system will be more efficiency that your old one, installing the system within manufacturer’s specifications ensures it stays that way. The additional investment you made in a higher efficiency unit will not reap the energy savings you expect without a skilled installation. This is why part of the cost of a new heating and cooling system is the installation. A high quality installation is so important for the efficiency of your system, the comfort of your home, and the service life that you equipment. Proper installation allows a new system to function just like you thought it would!

Performance issues from improper installation can also affect the comfort level of your home. Guaranteed comfort may not come from a system that has trouble keeping the set temperature in extreme temperatures. A complete and accurate installation of your system will maximize that comfort for years to come!

In most instances, a skilled installation can also keep your system running longer. With the average units lasting about 15 years, we want to ensure that your system not only stays efficient and comfortable, we also want to minimize those repairs along the way. Improper installation can force the system to work harder, creating faster breakdown of the system as a whole.

Chapman has been installing heating and cooling systems for over 60 years. We’ve learned a thing or two about how to perform a high quality installation! When you’re ready to upgrade your comfort and you want it done right, give us a call!