Jim Fisk has been with Chapman Heating and Air for 35 years, during which he has been an invaluable asset to our team with his mastery of creating custom duct work for customers. As shop foreman, Jim does much more than build and design duct work though – Jim keeps an accurate count of our inventory, manages deliveries, and is the bridge between our installation department and the office.

A little-known fact about Jim is that he is an avid collector of old clocks! He also stays up to date on the latest vegetarian food trends, and he’s a huge family man who loves spending time with his wife, children and grandchildren. He has a great personality, and it isn’t unusual to hear “Oh, Jim…” throughout the office as we are all accustomed to his jokes. Jim has a lot of sayings as well, but one office favorite is “who’s the dipstick now?”, and it will be missed!

If you needed something to listen to you could always count on Jim to have talk radio on in the shop.  If you opened his mini-fridge you were sure to find an assortment of chocolates and crackers for sale, and every day you were guaranteed to hear him say “C-ya!” on the way out.

For Jim – over the past 35 years he says his favorite part of his job has been keeping up with the guys and meeting theirs and the customers ductwork needs. While he may be excited to take it easy during retirement, he says he will miss the camaraderie between the guys in the shop.

From all of us at Chapman Heating and Air – we will miss you!