The Chapman service team is comprised of 11 trained and certified technicians and Shana, their fearless leader. The service department does a variety of things at Chapman, including coming out to fix the problems and performing preventative maintenance. Shana has over 20 (!!!) years of experience at Chapman and is more than the best fit for the job. Shana has the ever-challenging task of maintaining our schedule, which is very important because of the Chapman Family Guarantee.


The service department at Chapman is constantly doing continued training in the growing technology of our industry. Here at Chapman, we focus heavily on our communication, and because of this the service team meets weekly (although distantly these days) to make sure we’re solving your issues effectively and efficiently. This collaborative atmosphere is just one way the service team demonstrates their hands-on and helpful nature towards one another. We love watching the Chaps share ideas and problem-solve together, all for the benefit of you!


Another Chaptastic quality of the service department is their rotating on-call schedule. This allows us to be available for your 24/7! There’s no time frame on when your furnace or AC might decide it’s quitting time, so we make sure we’re here for you!


What’s better than all the professionalism in the service department, is the personalities of every person in it. Fun is certainly not lost here. Looking at each other technicians and Shana’s profiles, it’s easy to see that they enjoy each other as much as we enjoy having them here. It’s great to see real-life father and son duo Dan and Dylan working side-by-side on the Chapman service team!

The Chapman service team exemplifies all of the core values we have here. Integrity, communication, professionalism, and especially fun, are easy to see when you spend time with Shana and the boys. To meet one of our servicemen, give us a call to schedule your AC maintenance today!