One benefit of most central air conditioners is that they will remove the humidity from the air in your home. This is fortunate because as the temperatures rise in mid-Missouri, so will the humidity levels. Creating the most comfortable air is a full-time job for your heating and air conditioning system, and there is information about that you may want to know!

Maintaining appropriate humidity levels is something we often think about in heating season but can be just as important in the cooling season as well. As the temperatures creep up so will the heat index, or how hot it feels outside. Humidity levels can add to that heat index and even cause it to feel several degrees warmer than it actually is. We all rely on those air conditioning systems in our home to not only lower the temperature in our home but also to remove that humidity. Having a high-efficiency system can make all the difference in the summer months, saving you on energy bills and keeping the comfort levels just right in your home.

The air conditioning system is built to extract the moisture from your home. This work takes place in the evaporator coil, which pulls the moisture out of the air when the air conditioner is running. Excess moisture is then routed out of your home via the drain pan. As a general maintenance note, it is important for the drain pan to stay cleaned out and clear of debris so that excess moisture doesn’t back up on your floor.

It is also important to remember that a larger sized system does not mean larger sized efficiency. There are many factors that go into the appropriate system for your home and luckily, sizing the system correctly for your home is just one of the things our Comfort Advisors specialize in!

If you have concerns about how humidity might affect your home in the coming months, give us a call!