For more than a year now, Chapman Heating and Cooling has been perfecting our residential plumbing services. Our certified plumber, Corey, definitely comes with a lot more than one year of experience and he has taught us all a thing or two about these kinds of services. One thing we love the most about Corey is his natural ability to educate. We have definitely utilized his teaching abilities in-house at our Service and Installation Department meetings!

Just like with your heating and cooling unit, the plumbing in your home needs regular care to ensure it continues to flow smoothly. No one wants to wake up and learn a clogged drain caused the water dripping from the faucet to flood the bathroom floor while they were sleeping. Speaking from personal experience here, Corey can save the day if disaster strikes your home! There’s no need for it to come to that though because Chapman offers a $59 comprehensive whole-home plumbing inspection. During the inspection, Corey will check the condition of things inside your home like faucets, drain systems, water connections, and your water heater. He’ll also look over your main shutoff, general water pressure, and outdoor hydrants.

If you have been noticing a pressure drop lately, dripping faucets, less hot water, or your toilet constantly sounds like its running, it’s probably time to give your plumbing system some TLC before these small issues become bigger more expensive problems.

Not only can faulty plumbing lead to costly repairs, it can also raise your water bill. Over the course of a year, one faucet can waste more than 3,000 gallons of water, and a leaking toilet can flush 200 gallons of water in a single day. You already know that Chapman is big on energy savings! Don’t delay in calling Chapman to schedule your comprehensive whole-home plumbing inspection.