In our industry, technology and techniques for cooling, heating and plumbing are constantly changing. To uphold our commitment to Take Care of the Customer, it is important that we stay up to date on the latest information. The men and women of Chapman go through continuing education courses more often than you might consider, and we think that is part of what makes our team so great. 

Continuing our knowledge in the realm of comfort sometimes takes us to fun and interesting places. Take Thad and Terry for example. Recently our two Comfort Advisors attended continuing education in Orlando, Florida for a few days. Thad and Terry were fortunate to skip out on the harsh winter weather we have been experiencing of late! It wasn’t all fun in the sun though, they spent the majority of their time refining their skills, making it easier for them to help our customers. Both of their families were able to meet them in Florida at the end of the business side of the trip to tack on some fun!

At Chapman, we are always looking for ways to focus on our abilities. It’s hard to imagine that cooling, heating, and plumbing products have trends, but they really do! Manufacturers will come to visit us to talk about what’s up and coming in their companies. And, just as we talked about last week, our team presents new information they have learned to our team all the time! Whenever our team is away at training, we always have a discussion about what they learned and what new things we should look out for. 

We are looking forward to putting the information that Thad and Terry brought home to use. We’re always looking for ways to improve our services for our customers and make sure our old dogs have some new tricks up their sleeves.