Changes in technology, methods and equipment keep our technicians busy staying up to date! It’s important to us to make sure that we are able to fill all of our customer’s needs, and sometimes that means cracking open the books again. Recently, the Chapman plumbing department, set out to continue their certifications and expertise through Navien. We are proud to announce that our plumbers are now Navien Service Specialists!

According to their website, “Navien is the leader in Condensing Tankless Technology.” They work with reputable companies, like Chapman, to help provide Tankless Water Heater installation information, updates, and customer service.

As Navien Service Specialists, we have access to information that will make your new Tankless Water Heater your new favorite appliance! Facilitating the install is just the tip of the iceberg now. We can provide continued manufacturer support throughout the life of your water heater.

Becoming a Navien Service Specialist was more than just an application. Our plumbing technicians had to complete extensive training through the manufacturer to ensure that they have top of the line information. Navien also wanted to make sure we had the right tools for the job! Our technicians waited with bated breath for their specialty tool kits to arrive (seriously, you should have seen them!). 

If it is time to replace your water heater system, or you are looking to upgrade before the winter cool sets in, check out our Navien systems. Our plumbers would be happy to walk you through the benefits of the right system for your home. You can have peace of mind knowing whichever water heater is right for you, our expert (ahem, specialist…) technicians will get the job done right. Give us a call!