It might only be March 12, but we have already seen some Spring rain showers! A boost of precipitation in March (and April) gives us a boost of beautiful foliage for May. I think that’s how that goes…

I know I am already thanking my lucky perennials for early Spring showers and fortunately, your outside cooling unit was built to withstand the test of most weather too. These systems are specifically designed to sit outside for an average of 15 years! Unfortunately, your air conditioner or heat pump is subject to lightning strikes in these storms, which they are not equipped to handle. Chapman offers a solution though, with whole-system surge protection.

These equipment-saving accessories can be installed directly on your indoor and outdoor units. Each unit is then protected against incoming surges, bouncing surges, or even outdoor moisture. The surge protector directs the voltage away from your system, directly to the ground.

Investing in a surge protector is an inexpensive way to guard your system against costly repairs or premature replacement. That’s why we protect our fancy TVs, computers, and other electronics, right? These surge protectors are specifically designed to take on a large amount of power that your comfort system might not be able to handle. Peace of mind in the midst of a storm can be hard to find, but with a set of surge protectors on your indoor and outdoor heating and air conditioning units, you are certain to find comfort.

Chapman can install surge protectors on your indoor and outdoor units during a regularly scheduled maintenance, during a service call, or we can come out to your home to start protecting your comfort investment today. Give us a call: 573-445-4489!