We emphasize the importance of maintaining your heating and cooling system – because regular maintenance will help keep it running at peak efficiency! The most common questions we’re frequently asked include, why do I need maintenance if my system is brand new? How frequently should I change my filter? What are the benefits of the Chapman Family Comfort Club? If you have the same questions, we hope this post will help answer them!

When a Chapman technician arrives at your home, you can rest easy knowing that your system is about to receive some well-deserved TLC. In the Fall or Winter along with cleaning the furnace, your Chapman technician will look over the wiring, the flue, and filter. They will also check for gas leaks and ensure all the gas lines are set to the correct pressure. During your Spring or Summer AC maintenance, the technician will clean the AC coils, check the wiring, the drain lines, refrigerant levels, and the filter.

Whenever someone asks why a newer system needs maintenance we like to tell them to think of their comfort system like a car – the more it’s driven, the more often it will need to have the oil and tires replaced. Your heating and cooling system is the same way; the more often it runs, the more frequently it will need to be cleaned and have the filter changed to prevent the airflow from being restricted and to keep it running smoothly and efficiently.

Customers often ask how frequently a filter should be changed, while the actual time frame may vary depending on the dust level of your home and how often your unit runs, a good rule of thumb is every 3 months at the most for 1” filters (we recommend checking them once a month), and you should check 5” filters for signs of buildup every six months. An easy way to determine if the filter needs to be replaced is by holding it up to the light, if you can barely see the light through the filter, then it’s time to change it! When a Chapman technician visits your home for maintenance, they will always check the filter and help take the guesswork out of when it should be replaced.

With a Chapman Family Comfort Club Membership, you will get two visits a year (1 heating and 1 cooling), a 15% discount on parts and repairs, 10% discount on new equipment, you won’t pay emergency service fees, a 1-year warranty on repair parts, and your membership is transferrable with the sale of your home! All of this for only $199 a year, or we offer Ez-Pay for just $15 a month – with all the same great benefits.