The water heater is a household appliance that is easy to forget about. As long as things continue to function properly, the water heater does what it does and we reap the benefits of clean laundry, warm showers, and sanitized dishes. Experiencing water heater issues, though, can cause great distress!

If it’s time to upgrade your water heater, it’s important to know that you have options. While some things are dictated by the construction of your home (like the power source), other features you can choose! Things like tank size, tankless or not, and efficiency are among some of those options.

Electric and natural gas water heaters are the most common types of water heaters. These traditional storage water heaters use insulation to trap heat inside the system. The water in the system rises in temperature until it satisfies your setting and maintains that temperature until you are ready to use it. These water heaters are much more efficient than they used to be and are even eligible for some rebates through manufacturers or utility companies.

A growing trend in the water heater industry is tankless water heaters. These units take up much less space than a traditional water heater, which makes them appealing for smaller areas. The biggest feature that generally piques the interest of potential buyers is the unlimited hot water supply. These are also known as demand or instantaneous water heaters because they do not keep water in the system itself. Taking away the use of “standby energy” makes these systems much more efficient than a storage water heater.

The average lifespan of a water heater is around 10 years and the first sign of failure is usually a small leak, but this can indicate a much bigger issue inside the unit. Sediment build-up, internal rust, or failing mechanics can lead to costly repairs down the road.

If you are unsure about the age or condition of your water heater, give us a call to get an assessment of the unit. With a $59 whole-home plumbing inspection, we can assess the state of your entire plumbing system, including your water heater, and let you know when you should expect to make repairs. When you’re ready to replace your water heater, we can help with that too! Call Chapman today to learn more.